Tourism in the Aveyron and Lozère

The Tarn Gorges and Valley, the Jonte Gorges, the Grands Causses, Mount Aigoual, the Dourbie Gorges, etc.

The Tarn Gorges, Le Rozier-Peyreleau/St Enimie

Le Rozier-Peyreleau: A picturesque village at the confluence of the Tarn and the Jonte rivers.
The starting point for several Long Distance Footpaths and Trails www.visorando.com including the GR6 along the Jonte cliffs with the famous rocks Les Vases de Sèvres and de Chine, the Arcs de Saint-Pierre site (prehistoric caves, ancient villages and natural rock arches, the Cinglegros Rock (perched on the edge above the Tarn Gorge), the St Michel Hermitage Sablière (above Peyreleau), the semi-troglodytic hamlets of Eglasine and Saint Marcelin.       

 Capluc Rock – a rocky peak with an unbeatable view of Le Rozier-Peyreleau and the Causses and its Gorges.

Les Vignes: The Belvédère du Pas de Soucy: in this spot the course of the Tarn is impeded by a huge boulders, but it reappears under a calmer aspect at the village of Les Vignes.   

Up above the village you will find the Point Sublime: a panoramic 180° viewpoint above the Tarn Gorges, from the edge of the cliffs, on the Causse de Sauveterre, 870m high and vertically above the Cirque des Baumes.

La Malène: The departure point for the flat bottomed boats (Les Bateliers) which tour the canyon. www.gorgesdutarn.com Tel: 04 66 48 51 10
Worth visiting: The Panorama from the Roc des Hourtous, the Causse Méjean, perched 500m above the narrowest point of the Tarn Gorges : the Narrows (Les Détroits). You can admire the Vultures from here, and the springtime orchids 

Saint-Chely du Tarn: Accessible across an arched bridge over the river, perched between the Tarn and the river cliff, you will also see two waterfalls in the river and a troglodytic chapel.

Sainte Enimie: A medieval village, listed amongst the most beautiful villages in France

The valley of the Tarn at le Rozier-Peyreleau/Millau/Roquefort

Peyrelade Castle: 5km from the Medieval Fortress of Rouergate with its spectacular rock keep.

You can stop on the road below for a Bleu des Causses cheese tasting

Paulhe: The Cherry House Tel: 05 65 59 00 98 - www.maison-de-la-cerise.asso.fr

Micropolis – the insect city: in the heart of the Aveyron:
12780 Saint-Léon
Tel: 05 65 58 50 50 www.micropolis-aveyron.com

Millau: A town full of history and art www.museedemillau.fr and the capital of outdoor sport in the surrounding countryside, known worldwide for the many events and challenges held here:  the Millau 100 kilometre race, the Caussenarde Mountain Bike Challenge, the World Championships for Petanque, Rock Climbing and Hang-gliding, the Cardabelles Rally, the Great Templar Trail Run, etc.

Peyre: One of the most beautiful villages in France, famous for its troglodytic church, its tuff limestone houses, its stone streets (calades) and the exceptional view of the Millau viaduct www.leviaducdemillau.com

The Roquefort cheese cellars: used for maturing the cheese, in converted caves in the causse limestone at the foot of the rock Combalou 12250 Roquefort-sur-Soulzon

The Gorges of La Jonte – Causse – Mont Aigoual:  Le Rozier-Peyreleau/Meyrueis/Mont Aigoual

The Vulture Lookout: 5km along the Jonte valley Tel: 05 65 62 69 69 www.vautours-lozere.com

L’Aven Armand: On the Causse Méjean, ***site Tel: 04 66 45 61 31 www.aven-armand.com
La Ferme Caussenarde d’Autrefois (the Caussenarde Farm of long ago): écomusée du Causse Méjean à Hyelzas
Tél.04 66 45 65 25 www.ferme-caussenarde.com
Fromagerie du Fédou (the Fedou Cheesemonger): on the Causse Méjean at Hyelzas
Tel: 04 66 45 66 74 www.fedou.com
The Przewalski’s Horses: released into the semi-wild of the steppe landscape around the forgotten hamlet of Villaret in the Mejean Causse
The Chaos (boulder-filled riverbed) at Nîmes-le-Vieux: a blockfield site on the Causse Méjean
The Dargilan Grotto: the pink cave,  ***site on the Causse Noir
Tel: 04 66 45 60 20 - www.grotte-dargilan.com
Meyrueis: A small town at the confluence of the River Jonte with the River Brèze and the River Béthuzon, the meeting point of the Causse Noir, the Causse Méjean and Mount Aigoual with its observatory www.aigoual.asso.fr
Abime de Bramabiau (the Bramabiau Chasm): an underground river Tel: 04 67 82 60 78 www.abime-de-bramabiau.com

Causse Noir/ Gorges de la Dourbie/ Larzac: departure from le Rozier-Peyreleau

The Chaos (boulder field) of Montpellier le Vieux leisure park -
Visit on a small Train or walk amongst the strangely formed rocks
12720 Peyreleau- Causse Noir
Tel:  05 65 60 66 30 - www.montpellierlevieux.com

Saint-Jean-de-Balmes Priory: historic monument dating from the 12th century on the Causse Noir near Veyreau

Roquesaltes: A gentle walk on the Causse Noir and the Dourbie Corniches (clifftops), amongst ruins, along a botanic, limestone heritage footpath,

The Dourbie Valley between Roque-Sainte-Marguerite, the gateway to the canyon and Nant. 18km of wild landscape punctuated by picturesque spots like the perched hamlet of Véran and the Moulin de Corp. At Saint Jean-du-Bruel you will find the ecomuseum Noria Water Centre www.noria-maisondeleau.com

The Templar Villages:
Saint Eulalie de Cernon: Former Knights Templar and Hospitalier commandery in the Larzac. To find out about the Larzac Vélo rail (Rail bike)  www.surlesrailsdularzac.com or the reptilarium  www.reptilarium-larzac.com
La Couvertoirade: Medieval fortified village in the Larzac, listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France.


Whether on terra firma, in the air or on the water, come and find out about and take part in the many possibilities for outdoor activities (pedestrian hikes, Nordic walks, pony trekking, kayaking www.canoelerozier-gorgesdutarn.com, fishing, mountain biking, cycling tourism, rock climbing, cabled rock climbing (Via Ferrata), canyoning, caving, paragliding, hang-gliding or bungee jumping www.le107.com, etc.)       

La Maison des Moniteurs au Rozier (sport guide centre) in Rozier: www.guidestarnjonte.com



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